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Any style may be ordered in fibers and colors to suit your taste

  Prices on items may vary due to fiber content.   Special thanks to Nikki, Steph, Morgan, Keri, and Jef - my models.

  • Mobius Poncho

This stunning garment is actually one piece that goes on over the head and crosses in front of the body.  It drapes elegantly on any body type and is suited to both casual and dress wear.

cotton /blends/ wool - $130 to $150


  • Duster                                                

A unique and stylish look for office or evening wear.  The perfect alternative to a traditional suit jacket.  Sized small to XL. Cotton/ cotton blends - $210

NEW! Duster Vest - looks like a Duster but no sleeves - $155.00

  • Shawl Front Jacket

These jackets are just the thing when you are looking to add a little professional elegance to your office wear. Their beautiful drape will have your friends asking "Where did you get that great jacket?"  (sized small to XL)                                    

Cotton/blends - $165

  • Summer Evening Jacket 

Less tailored and having a more relaxed look that my other two jackets, this jacket is based on the ancient "bog jacket".  A perfect (and more stylish) alternative to a sweater. The Summer evening jacket is made in lightweight wool or cottons. A warmer version of this jacket, the Winter Evening Jacket is made in heavier wools. (one size fits most)

$140 to $145

  • Vest

Created with all the style that the Shawl Front Jacket offers, but in a shorter version and without the sleeves.  This garment is one size fits most.

  Cotton/blends - $90

  • Shawl Front Cocoon 

A loose, relaxed fit garment. The perfect alternative to a sweater or jacket.  Dress it up or down, for office, a night out, or a night at home. One size fits most

Cotton/blends - $155      

  • Car Cape 

I first created this garment for my mother, who wanted something to wear to and from work that wouldn't bind her arms or get in the way in the car.  It it also lovely on cool evenings in the summer. 

Cotton/ Wool - $160

  • Ruana 

Available by custom order only.  This beautiful, long walking cape is simplicity itself.  Wear it down for full length warmth, or draped over the shoulder for a night out on the town!            

Cotton/Wool - $195 to $210

  • Cape  

Wonderfully warm, and perfect for walking in the woods or strolling city streets.  This cape may be ordered with or without a hood, and either open fronted or pullover.                  

Wool - $210 to $250

  • Batwing Shawl 

The shawl "alternative" which has one batwing sleeve, the other end is like a shawl.  It stays on better that a regular shawl, and looks more stylish too, especially if the end it flipped over the shoulder and pinned.                      

Cotton or Wool - $130

  • Stole/Scarf 

  Perfect for evening wear with that special dress, or at home to ward off the chill, this piece can double as a head scarf! Woven with a slit in it so you can secure the opposite end to keep it from slipping.                              

Cotton/Wool/Alpaca - $90

  •  Men's Vest

  available in cotton or wool, lined.      


  • Scarves and Mobius Scarves

For men and women.  Woven in fine wools, alpaca, mohair, and cotton, these make great gifts or a wonderful accent to your own outerwear. The mobius scarf is a continuous piece with a half twist, and is the perfect piece to keep your neck and head warm.... plus it is easy on your hair style! Available in circle style or with a point at the back of the neck. 


  • *NEW* Cowl

Just a bit to add some stylist warmth - or just style!  Available in cotton or wool -